Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anti Nuclear Comment of the Week

To ease the monotony of the day to day and make me feel better about just being a artist I thought I should feature the most entertaining comment/story  from the anti nuclear movement for that week, until I get bored, sued or forget about it.

Anyway although they associate with the left of the political spectrum as I do, I feel the anti nukes make pure faith and anti science groups on the right like the Christian Scientists look like they need to be wearing lab coats.

Although the anti nukes are  environmentally negative and are annoying at best when it comes to trying to deal with technical issues and the science of nuclear power they do have definite entertainment potential I must admit.

This weeks top featured comment is from none other than Dr Helen Caldicott (who is a nice and wonderful person probably but shouldnt be commenting on nuclear power):

April 2, 2012 - Caldicott: If Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 collapses I am evacuating my family from Boston. ( from, its said  Dr. Helen Caldicott: What We Learned From Fukushima )

Never mind no new spent fuel has been added to the pool for a while now (spent fuel can go to dry cask after as soon as one year in some cases) and it is kinda unlikely to explode into a thermonuclear hell as soon as it falls out of the water and evacuating the entire northern hemisphere might be a bit excessive I think.  

Especially as even the worst case scenario made back in 1987 (7mbPDF) of a total release from a spent fuel pool (impossible) (also not likely if no simple counter measures were taken in the ample time that would be available and all the material still had sufficient energy to burn)  contamination event put total contaminated area at 2000 sq mi (about the size of two Florida counties).

Helen would return to Australia I assume while we all died of horrible cancer in a matter of weeks if not days or hours, no doubt, proving all that fringe "research" the anti nukes pump out that's never been observed in actual events or real radiation studies.

Your one stop spent fuel pool #4 fake "expert" Armageddon hysteria comedy "news" stop. 

Home of:
  German TV: Armageddon if Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 collapses and melts down — Could change the world — Most likely consequence is that reactors 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 get out of control — Interview with nuclear engineer

I guess Greenpeace should get the runner up prize that although not as amusing as Caldicott's is none the less absurd. They are practically a set as they appear at each others events to promote fear.

Nuclear Power and Democracy Don't Mix - A Greenpeace strong-arm political hit piece on the government of Korea.

Kudos to Korea for locking out this anti science anti environmental group that is in part responsible for 30 years of a whole other level of unnecessary pollution and environmental destruction.

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