Thursday, August 4, 2011

Intense Drought, Heat Waves and Geomagnetic Storms

As the Texas and south western US drought and heatwave reach historic proportions an the threat of blackouts and and approaching geomagnetic storm illustrate how disastrous situations can spring from complex interactions of circumstances.

Although whats approaching is not predicted strong enough to cause a blackout its at least illustrative of how events would begin and raises the idea of the possibility of such an occurrence at a unfortunate time.

Recent media stories illustrating the setup:

Austin Energy Chief Concerned About Advance Blackout Warning Today

Rolling Blackouts Possible If High Energy Use Worsens - Oklohoma- Today

Texas Drought Officially The Worst Ever - Today

Solar Flare Sparks Biggest Eruption Ever Seen on Sun - June 8, 2011

STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY - Today - includes all three events

Without air conditioning temperatures in a area affected by a heatwave would quickly rise to unacceptable levels in modern exclusively mechanically ventilated structures.

I dont know how fast modern buildings would overheat in emergency situations - or what backup exists or the loads of modern AC units running full blast. Certainly things like communications, sewer and water pressure would be affected in time also. Prepared food and perishables would go quickly too. In the current economic slump I would think security could also be an issue.

As for the three CME events approaching one has just passed and two and three should be here soon. Perhaps together.

So far it is expected to be at or above a G3 storm event. and around a S2 radiation storm.

Already the proton flux around earth has jumped a 100 fold.

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