Friday, June 17, 2011

Continuing world food woes.

As series of droughts spanning the northern hemisphere continues to place positive pressure on world food prices. While there has been some splotchy relief in the form of rains the majority of the damage has been done and the hoped for relief in low supplies from last year's price spike will probably not occur.


World wheat stockpiles are not increasing significantly/dropping (varying by source) for a second consecutive year and prices are near the all time highs in 2008 that led to food riots, contributing to what many believe is the source of much of todays ME and northern African unrest and political instability.

And although this drought cannot be linked to global warming (yet), climate instability will undoubtedly cause more fluctuation and stress in a bad and possibly worsening situation.

Today : To add to the problems recent excessive rains in the US and Canada may delay planting of this years crop, if not totally prohibit its planting in some areas.

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  1. World's oceans in worse shape than previously thought. One of humankind's largest sources of protein too.